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who we are

HHC works closely with all involved individuals to ensure that each patient receives the most efficient and beneficial personalized care possible. With each case, the following steps are taken:

our care at work

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  • An RN Supervisor consults with the physician to determine the patient's individual home care needs.
  • A detailed and comprehensive plan of care is developed based on the patient's diagnosis, care needs, prognosis, and availability of family support and resources in the home environment.
  • Complete insurance support is provided to determine applicable benefits through Medicaid, private insurance companies, and other managed care organizations as appropriate.
  • A team of home health professionals is selected and oriented to the needs of each and every patient.
  • An RN Supervisor is consistently available to the home care staff, and makes periodic visits to the home to monitor treatment and review the care plan.
Patient Goals
Throughout the care and treatment process, the physician is continually consulted for patient updates and to determine if any changes to the plan of care are necessary. In all of our cases, we work to help patients and their families achieve the following five important goals:
  • Return to the highest level of health.
  • Find an alternative to hospitalization for medical conditions that can be safely managed in the home for less cost.
  • Avoid accumulating bills that often result from unnecessarily extended hospital stays.
  • Maintain independent living in the privacy and comfort of their own homes.
  • Feel protected and secure in the knowledge that continuity and quality of care is assured by access to professionals who are knowledgeable, concerned, and dedicated to providing quality care.